Monthly Archive: March 2015


Purific Water Purifier

Purific Water Purifier Commercial water stations use activated carbon in filtering the water. With MBA Water Purifier, yo can have your own filtering station at home. This compact water purifier is attached to the faucet, and the water that comes…
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Air Purifier

Purific Air Purifier

Purific Air Purifier MAPECON Air Purifier Contains 90 grams of pure, unadulterated Activated Carbon, which adsorbs air pollutants and bad odors. “Uling” is traditionally placed in the refrigerator to counteract bad smells. Activated Carbon is much more effective and lasts…
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sako galore!

Vermicast with MYCORRHIZA

Vermicast We are able to propagate millions of worms that can produce fairly stable and consistent quality of organic fertilizer. This has never been done before and it is made possible by another of Mr. Catan’s patented invention, the ”Vermilog”….
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