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Jun Catan as he is known by many, is the majority stockholder, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Executive Vice President of MAPECON Philippines, Inc. and MAPECON Green Charcoal Philippines, Inc. (MGCPI). Together with his competent technical and management staff, he handles Research & Dev’t., the Manufacturing Division and spearheads new projects. He is directly involved in all his international operations.

He has an Associate in Agriculture degree from Siliman University (SU) in 1955 and with a scholarship grant from the 4H Club, he completed his BS in Agriculture major in Entomology and minor in Agricultural Chemistry from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB) in 1959. A mu|ti—awarded inventor he has to—date thirty—nine patents with nine pending and several in process. Among his awards are:

1975- TOYM in Entrepreneurship— Pest Control and MASIKAP award by the National Jaycees.

1994- Presidential Medal as Most Outstanding Inventor by DOST

1995- The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) award — Science & Technology by the National Jaycees

1996- Bronze Medal with Citation for his Green Charcoal during the 24th Geneva International Exhibits of Inventions.

1998- Most Commercialization Invention Award for his MAPECON Household Insecticide by DOST.

1999- Silver Medal with Citation for his Household Insecticide (HI) during the 27th Geneva Internafional Exhibits oflnvenfions

2000- Honored as one of the Outstanding Manilans Awardee by the city of Manila during its Jubilee Year celebrations.

2005- Outstanding Negrense Award in Science & Technology by his native province of Negros Oriental during its Buglasan celebrations and during the 105th Foundation Anniversary of Silliman University, he was conferred an Outstanding Silimanian Award also in the same category.

He co—authored two books with his wife, Nancy, one on Urban Pest Control, and the other about business entitled: ”101 Moneymaking Ideas Through Creative & Honest Work”. In 1971 he ran and won in his home province as delegate to the Constitutional Convention (CONCON) and in 2005 he was appointed by then President Gloria Macapaga|—Arroyo as the 55th member of the Constitutional Committee.

Over and above managing his business, Jun has been active and in leadership of many organizations. He was the past chairman of the MMC Pest Control Board. Presently the Executive Vice President of the Filipino Inventors Solidarity Thru Christian Brotherhood (FlS—CB), the Chairman of the Filipino lnventor’s Federation, Inc. (FILINFED), the Technical Director of the National Committee on Urban Pest Control (NCUPC) and Vice Chairman of the Board of Agriculture of the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC).



To be the leading eco-solution company particularly in the field of green energy and organic fertilizers fulfilling god’s command to cultivate and guard the environment, and more importantly,to be known as a companv who recognizes the lordship of jesus christ both in the personal lives of all its employees, stakeholders, business partners and in the corporation as a whole.


To lead our country, as well as the asia-pacific region in converting to green energy, developing and using onlv renewable resources.

To cultivate the environment according to the laws of nature guard it against abuse and /or misuse through our products & technologies.

To continue to develop and commercialize our product technologies and obtain reasonable profits for all our shareholders, stakeholders, and ensure the company’s continuing survival.

To uplift the filipino people’s lives as well as the whole human community by ensuring our products and product technologies are made available even to our least fortunate brothers.

To be opportunistic in doing our part in the evangelization of the world and be responsible as good stewards for all the wealth and knowledge that god has and will continue to bestow on us.


MAPECON Green Charcoal Philippines, Inc. (MGCPI) is a Filipino company established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1990. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAPECON Philippines, |nc., the leading pest control company in the Philippines founded in 1961 by Filipino Inventor Gonzalo O. Catan, Jr. Today MAPECON Philippines’ botanical and organic pest control product are recognized by Philippine laws as per Supreme Court ruling, as appropriate and legal products for both urban and agricultural applications and that the “Fertilizer and Pesticides Authority” or FPA under the Department of Agriculture, has no jurisdiction over MAPECON Philippines, Inc. All other ”imported” products must now pass through evaluation and approval by the National Committee on Urban and Agricultural pest control under the company’s supervision. This is to ensure they do not contradict and harm the pest control programs already in place.

MGCPI has acquired and now fully owns an activated carbon plant in Alaminos, Laguna. The company rehabilitated and expanded this facility such that today it has the capacity to produce about 1000 MT of activated carbon per year. The company has also developed in this same facility and from Its own-patented technologies, the commercial production of ”Green Charcoal” out of biodegradable wastes and “Vermicast”, an organic fertilizer made out of one hundred percent ”African night crawler” worms’ castings. MGCPI has the capacity to produce about twenty tons of Vermicast (100%) per month. This organic fertilizer hast to replace all harmful chemical fertilizers not only in the Philippines but in Pacific region as well.